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10 Simple Ways To Spot A Fake Rolex Watches

Rolex is widely regarded as one of the most important watch companies in history. With over 700,000 of its timepieces pumped out annually. It’s also one of the most counterfeited watch brands out there.

A Rolex is more than a watch – it’s virtually synonymous with the luxury watch category, as well as a symbol of success itself. For many, owning a fake watch Rolex brings pure joy. That joy, in turn, creates a huge demand for these luxury timepieces. It is no wonder, Rolex is being copied in so many ways.

It is very important to know how to spot a fake one to avoid being swindled. Here is our guide to help you spot a fake Rolex and save you from the dupes.

Know your seller

The easiest way to prevent the purchase of a reproduction or phony wristwatch is to buy from a reputable and trusted seller. There are plenty of reputable dealers, but it never hurts to do your homework to ensure that you get a genuine timepiece. Google does a very good job of showing you the most established the most trusted retailer.

The Rolex Look

The easiest way to spot a fake Rolex is to look at the watch’s case back, which is almost always plain metal. So if the watch you’re examining has a glass exhibition case back which allows the watch mechanism to be seen, it’s a Rolex fake watches, or one of the very rare 1030 see-through watches made by Rolex.

Metal quality

Rolex does NOT make 14k gold or gold-plated watches or bracelets. A real Rolex is either stainless steel, 18k gold, or platinum. Additionally, there should be no fading on the metal. If you notice any fading, it is likely a fake watch.

Back Case

Genuine Rolex model case backs are smooth, completely free of engravings, so if you see one, you should be suspicious. This is usually very well sealed and hard to open.

The Feel Of A Rolex

The second way to spot a fake watches is by the heft of the watch. Fake Rolex watch are generally lighter, whereas a real Rolex is made of high-quality metals, and will weigh significantly more.


The dial of an original is perfect, so if you see any uneven fonts, inconsistent spaces between the lettering, smudges, and or misspellings on the watch then it is absolutely a fake.

The Sound

Listen closely. If you hear loud ticking from your watch this Rolex is a definite fake. The second hand on a real Rolex sweeps almost smoothly. To the naked eye it should seem very smooth, while a fake is tick jumps more clearly.

Movement serial number

Every real Rolex have a clear stamped serial number on its movement. We will examine the quality of the stamping and the correct numbering.

fake rolex watches

Gold Hallmark

This one is applicable to gold Rolex watches. There should be a gold hallmark, which is a stamp on the back of the case or the strap.

Remember, sometimes counterfeiters mix and match parts from real and fake Rolex watches, making distinguishing the two even more difficult, so check for all the tell-tale signs. Follow these useful tips and you can be confident that you have an original Rolex on your hands!

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