Rolex Pink Stelline 6062 In 1950 quality

A Quality Rolex Moon Phase Watch In 1950

The auction house must be Christie’s except Geneva. In May of this year, Christie’s presented an ancient and rare Rolex moon phase watch. Then this article comes to know this quality Rolex watch.

Rolex Pink Stelline 6062 In 1950 quality

Rolex Has A Moon Phase Chart?

The answer is YES. Quality Rolex does have a moon phase chart. You can only think of replica Rolex Cellini m50535, which was launched in 2017. And this replica watch has not been popular in these two years. So most people forget that Rolex also has a moon phase watch. But there are two moon phase watches for high-quality Rolex before 2017. They were Rolex Pink Stelline 6062 and 8171 produced in the 1950s. It is Rolex Pink Stelline 6062 that set off a wave at Christie’s auctions in 2019.

Quality Rolex Pink Stelline 6062

quality Rolex Pink Stelline 6062 In 1950

Rolex Pink Stelline 6062 was officially launched in the 1950s. This watch has been produced for 3 years and incorporates gold, stainless steel, rose gold and more. However, there are only about 14 Rolex Pink Stelline 6062s now appearing in public. This is a good explanation for “things are rare and expensive.”

“Stelline‘-Little Star

Rolex Pink quality Stelline 6062 In 1950

Moon phase watches now belong to the high-quality Rolex Cellini series. However, at that time the Quality Rolex moon phase watch was called Stelline. Stelline means “little stars” in the Italian language. So Stelline fits the design of the moon phase watch very well.


Rolex Pink Stelline 6062 quality In 1950

The dial of the quality Rolex Pink Stelline 6062 is very cute. The first is the small circle of the sun and moon that rotates with time at six o’clock. The blue parts are blue enamel. Second is the special time scale. Positions 3, 6, and 9 are triangular hour markers made of rose gold. The rest of the time scales are lovely stars. Third, there are two rectangular windows at twelve o’clock. The window on the left shows the month, and the window on the right shows the date.

Due to time, Quality Rolex Moon Phase Watch is worn. But it does not affect its expensive auction prices today. It is precise because Rolex Pink Stelline 6062 uses special materials and extremely scarce quantities that its price is getting higher and higher.

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