Good appearance, hard quality, cabbage price – Seiko Prospex series replica watches

Seiko’s Prospex series PADI special edition fake watches are always prominent on the wrist, but it does not rely on sacrificing the sense of wearing to achieve this effect, regardless of its size and weight, this timepiece can always give The wearer provides the most comfortable wearing experience. One of the reasons for this good adaptability is the unique concave curvature design on the back of the watch, which engulfs the bottom cover like a crater, thus maximally engaging the wearer’s wrist. Another convenience that needs to be thanked is the “accordion” strap. This cleverly designed strap was invented decades ago and can be stretched and contracted to some extent, whether it is worn directly on the skin or Set on a neoprene wetsuit, it fits perfectly into the wearer’s wrist.
Seiko prides itself on its many professional diving watch development projects that have been accepted as international standards. The improved strap has some advantages in terms of length, thickness and slip resistance, and this is just one example. There is also a helium isolation mechanism, this unique and exquisite design makes us in its fake watch
The traditional drain valve structure is not visible on the case. What’s more remarkable is that the brand applies this advanced mechanism directly to its entry-level series of products, which shows that this Japanese watch brand is a professional tool for diving watches, rather than a stylish wrist. Decorations. At the same time, this explains why Seiko has been a partner of the International Professional Diving Instructor Association PADI since March 2016. This special edition of the Prospex series of diving watches is built to commemorate the partnership between the two.

One of the most striking features of this watch is its smooth, smooth blue bezel. The upper scale does not end at 15, but is marked at half-position and placed outside the case. A ring that is unique in shape and has two opposing recesses. This second protective ring is made of ceramic material, which enhances the watch’s ability to cope with external shocks and, to a certain extent, prevents the set bezel from shifting due to accidental touch.
The double-layer case is the signature design of the Seiko replica watch. Thanks to the unique design of the L-ring and the threaded ring for fixing the crystal lens, the watch is extremely waterproof (20 bar) and it is equipped with the helium isolation just mentioned above. mechanism. Although the two-layer structure looks a bit bloated, the bezel is very easy to handle, and the raised portion of the ceramic shell provides a point of leverage for the fine adjustment of the bezel. The large grooved groove further enhances the anti-slip effect during use. Another point to note is that the bezel is coated with a titanium carbide coating to prevent scratches.
As for the luminous, we are “surprised” to find that there are only 12 dots on the bezel, and the brightness is still a little weak. This is a very speechless , after all, the bezel plays in the diving. The importance of the character is self-evident, but the elements such as time markers and pointers on the dial emit a very bright light. They are coated with Lumibrite, a special luminescent material developed by Seiko. The dial is protected by ore high-strength glass, which is more flexible than sapphire crystal and therefore not easily broken.
The back of this watch is a thick, screw-in, compact design. Underneath it is a self-produced Cal.4R36 self-winding movement with a two-way automatic oscillating weight and a so-called “magic lever”. It has a vibration frequency of 21600 vph and provides 41 hours of power. reserve. This mid-range movement is very powerful, so it can be seen on many Seiko dives.

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