Cerachrom ceramic bezel In Rolex GMT-Master II

Knock Off Rolex Bezels – Ceramic VS Aluminum VS Steel

The watch industry is constantly evolving and innovating with more and more materials being used to make watches. For example, stainless steel, gold, platinum, white gold, rubber, and many more. Generally, the material used to make the bezel will be steel, aluminum, and ceramic. Ceramic bezels are the latest trend, and more and more watch bezels are being made of ceramic. Of course ceramic bezels have been added to knock off Rolex watches and Rolex’s ceramic bezels are different.

The History Of The Rolex Cerachrom Bezel

The Rolex Cerachrom ceramic bezel was born in 2015. The name “Cerachrom” for the Rolex ceramic bezel is composed of two parts. The “Cera” is an abbreviation of the French word “céramique” and the “chrom” is derived from the ancient Greek word “chrom”. “COLOUR”. Rolex has also filed a patent for this distinctive bezel. When Rolex produced the Cerachrom bezel, he began adding ceramic bezels to more of his watches.

The First Rolex Watch With Cerachrom Bezel

We first saw the Cerachrom bezel on the Rolex GMT-Master II 16718LN replica watch, which was created in 2005.

When Did Rolex Introduce Ceramic Bezel Daytona?

The first time I saw a ceramic bezel on a Rolex Daytona watch was in 2011, model 116615.

When Did Rolex Introduce Ceramic Bezel Submariner?

The first Rolex Submariner watch with a ceramic bezel was created in 2009. The subsequent births of the Rolex Submariner Date 116610 and Rolex Submariner No-Date 114060 both used ceramic bezels.

Ceramic Bezel VS Steel VS Aluminum Bezel

Aluminum Steel Of replica Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi

Aluminum Bezel Pros

The aluminum bezel that Rolex has been using for decades has many advantages, otherwise Rolex wouldn’t have stuck with it for so long.

  • 1.Cheap
  • 2.Easy to replace and won’t break the bank.
  • 3.Light weight
  • 4.Faded aluminum bezel unique CHARACTER. Many vintage watch collectors and enthusiasts love faded aluminum bezels. It shows the natural signs of wear and tear, thus giving it character.

Aluminum Bezel Cons

While the Rolex has continued to use aluminum bezels for decades, it still has a few issues that it can’t fix.

  • 1.Discoloration. Over time, the aluminum bezel will fade after exposure to sunlight, friction, salt water and other acids. Or even completely lose its original color.
  • 2.Easy to be scratched.

Steel Bezel Pros And Cons

Aluminium bezels have been completely replaced by Cerachrom bezels, but steel bezels can still be found in modern Rolex knock off watches. Examples include the 24-hour bezel from the Rolex Explorer II, the smooth domed stainless steel bezel from Air-King, and so on. Stainless steel bezels are sturdy. A stainless steel bezel on a stainless steel case gives a smoother look to the watch. However, stainless steel bezels are also prone to scratches.

Cerachrom Bezel Pros

  • 1.Scratch resistant, no scratches.
  • 2.Anti-fade.
  • 3.Has a unique shine and lasts forever, looks beautiful.

Cerachrom Bezel Cons

  • 1.Expensive.
  • 2.Fragile. But not as easy to break as we think. As long as it doesn’t hit hard objects, the ceramic bezel won’t be damaged.
  • 3.Hard to replace.

Although ceramic bezels have become a new trend, Rolex is recommending this bezel even more strongly. But there are still a lot of people who prefer stainless steel or aluminum bezels. There are drawbacks and advantages to each material, but I would recommend a ceramic bezel more than anything else because it can really extend the life of your knock off watch. The advantages of a ceramic bezel already far outweigh the disadvantages, otherwise, Rolex wouldn’t be using it on more watches. If you prefer an aluminum bezel or a steel bezel, please make your choice according to your preference.

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