Luxury Rolex Submariner Replica 116613 VS 16613

Submariner is one of the most famous collections under the Rolex brand. It was born in 1953, and now it has become one of the most recognized and coveted luxury watches in the world. Rolex Submariner replica watches have many styles of watches, bezels and dials in different colors, and different materials. Today, we will compare two two-tone Rolex Submariner with blue dial.

Submariner initially only offered stainless steel sports watches. The first two-tone Rolex Submariner was ref. 16803, which was launched in 1984. Today’s protagonist Rolex Submariner replica 16613 and 116613 debuted in 1988 and 2009 respectively. There are many similarities between these two replica watches. For example, the same waterproof function (300M), the same movement model (NO.3135), the same color. But the appearance of Ref. 116613, which was born later, is significantly more modern.


Rolex Submariner 116613

Rolex Submariner 116613┬áreplica has a new “super case” design. The case and crown guard are significantly wider. Although it maintains the same 40mm case as Ref. 16613, Ref. 116613 appears slightly larger. Professional fake Rolex Submariner 116613 uses the “Maxi dial”. It has larger marks and thicker pointers, so it has better readability. The dial is also upgraded. Submariner replica 116613 uses the patented “Chromalight”. It can provide up to 8 consecutive hours of blue at night.


Rolex Submariner 16613

Rolex Submariner Replica 16613 is the last Submariner with an aluminum bezel. The 2009 Ref.116613 has a brand new design. The stronger Cerachrom ceramic bezel replaces the aluminum bezel. The Cerachrom bezel is scratch-resistant and will not fade as time passes. But the aluminum bezel will lose its original bright color. The ceramic bezel also uses a new installation method. So the movement of the bezel is more refined.


Rolex Submariner 116613

Both Rolex Submariner replica watches are equipped with oyster bracelet with 18k yellow gold center link. However, the bracelet and clasp have been significantly upgraded. Depending on the production time, fake Rolex Submariner 16613 has solid or hollow links and gold or steel buckles. The expansion system on the buckle is also different, stamped or link-style fold-out. But AAA + Rolex Submariner 116613 has a solid bracelet and the most perfect Glidelock system.


Rolex Submariner 16613

Although the movement of these two Rolex Submariner replica watches is called NO.3135 movement. NO.3135 movement has a 48-hour power reserve, but there are still differences between them. The internal movement of Swiss replica Submariner 116613 is equipped with an upgraded blue Parachrom hairspring. Parachrom can better resist shock and temperature changes.

Although the two swiss Rolex Submariner imitation watches are similar, they bring different aesthetics. The upgraded Ref.116613 looks more sporty and modern, and the old Ref.16613 looks more elegant. But the upgraded Submariner has a longer service life. So, do you prefer elegant diving watches or modern diving watches? No matter which watch you like, you can buy AAA + watches with the best quality on our website.

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