Omega hippocampus series AQUA TERRA world time fake watches

A few years ago ⁠, Omega hippocampus Terra World when the fake watch h feel Nowadays, the craftsmanship of the craftsmanship and the utmost attention to detail are passed on to the new models of the new ⁠, and the more eye-catching craftsmanship and design elements are used. When it comes to world time watches, in recent years, I have only seen the limited edition of the Aqua Terra series, which has been launched in a platinum plate. The combination of light and hearing also knows that this watch is definitely expensive, compared to the timetable of the two countries. Obviously, it is positioned in different worlds, and it is a pity for this interested person. The quantity is too small and the price is too high. However, in 2019, the brand seems to want to expand the world time watch, so recently replica watches Omega has released the new Aqua Terra world timetable. In addition to the SednaTM gold version, it is also very intimate with the stainless steel version. The styles are more and more, and the starting price is not so easy to be intimate.

The case of the new Aqua Terra timetable is 43mm as compared to the previous one. The color of the faceplate is adjusted with the material of the case. For example, SednaTM gold is matched with an opal silver dial, and stainless steel is a blue dial. The former is the former. Chain and leather straps are available, while the latter are available in both chain and rubber straps.
The center of the dial is made of titanium. The replica watch Omega uses laser technology to engrave it into the contours of the continent and the ocean. It is matched with the world time city ring around the dial and the 24-hour display ring around the map, echoing the main functions of world time. In terms of faceplate design, in addition to the city name ring of 24 time zones on the outside of the faceplate, the faceplate itself has vertical decking, the inner ring has a 24-hour time ring and world map decoration, and the map pattern is titanium. Material, Omega laser-marked the outline of land and sea, the three-dimensional gold carving style is much more than the platinum painted map, the inverted triangle time stamp itself is covered with luminous materials, the pointer of the big three needle also has the same Luminous materials, in addition to the 24-hour display ring also has a triangle indicator, this is to allow the wearer to easily control the peripheral world time city ring. The 24 representative cities of the World Time City Circle use red, silver and blue to represent different meanings, so that the wearer can better understand the time information of different regions. The sharp-eyed person may notice that the city name of the World Time City Ring is not uniform in color. In fact, Omega wants to convey further information in different colors. For example, red indicates Greenwich Mean Time, and silver white indicates that the city will implement summer time. The blue color indicates that the city has not implemented daylight saving time and it seems quite easy to understand.

The stainless steel Aqua Terra World Time Watch is equipped with a 8938 calibre. Its automatic disc and balance bridge are made of general metal. However, the interior of the movement is made of non-ferrous material, which makes it resistant to 15,000 gauss. The Platinum and SednaTM Gold Aqua Terra timepieces are powered by the 8939 calibre. The stainless steel models are equipped with the 8938 calibre. The two calibres are actually the same machine in terms of specifications, but the 8939 is a luxury. Version, because its automatic disc and balance wheel bridge are specially made of SednaTM gold material, which echoes the noble sense of the case material, and will also reflect the difference in pricing, but the watch will not be functional or appearance. Because there are obvious differences in the material of the movement, the brand is only a little more change, so that people have more choices.
Movement: Omega 8938 self-winding mechanical movement with coaxial escapement. The industry’s higher certification standards, approved by the Swiss Federal Measurement Institute (METAS), are certified by the Observatory to withstand strong magnetic fields of up to 15,000 Gauss. GMT two time / world time function. It is equipped with a cardless balance with a silicon balance spring; a two-way automatic winding system. The rhodium-plated surface of the movement is decorated with Arabic-style Geneva ripples. Power reserve: 60 hours
Mirror arc-shaped double-sided anti-reflective wear-resistant sapphire glass crystal watch case and dial
Case: Stainless steel case Case diameter: 43 mm
Dial color: blue waterproof performance 15 atmospheres (150 m / 500 ft)
Antimagnetic is certified by the Swiss Official Observatory Date Display Screw-in crown Transparent back

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