Omega Speedmaster 311. fake

Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary Limited Replica Watch Review

60 years is not a short time. Omega Speedmaster was born in 1957, and its 60th anniversary came quietly. 2017 marks the 60th anniversary of Omega Speedmaster. Let’s review one of the 60th Anniversary watches together.

First CK2915-1

Omega Speedmaster 311. fake

Speedmaster’s origins date back to 1815. The later chronograph dates back to 1815 and has a high-precision time measuring instrument. It can count time down to one-sixth of a second. After the war, motorsport began to shift from a gentleman pastime to a competitive career. Omega seized this opportunity and moved the dashboard to the watch. This was the 1957 Speedmaster CK 2915. Now, the price of this replica watch at the auction has increased tenfold.

Omega Speedmaster 311.

Omega Speedmaster 311. replica

The replica Omega Speedmaster 311. released in 2017 is very similar to the CK 2915 in 1957. Yes, the 60th Anniversary Speedmaster is a tribute to the first watch. In order to stick to the original watch, it has a 38MM case instead of 42MM. Strictly speaking, it is 38.6MM. Next, we look at its dial.

Artificial Bronze

Omega replica Speedmaster 311.

We can see the retro bronze on the hour markers and hands. This color is artificial and it looks like it has gone through a long time. This is also because it looks more like an old 1957 watch. In the daytime, bronze and white scales are very beautiful. However, at night you will see the bronze-colored match with the green Super-LumiNova, which is quite strange.


replica Omega Speedmaster 311.

Omega replaced this new Speedmaster watch with a modern NO.1861 movement. It is the latest version of the 861 movement introduced in 1968. To stay true to its ancestors, it uses Hesalite crystals and hand-wound movements instead of sapphire crystals. The bracelet with three links is also very interesting. The left and right small links are polished. But the large center link is brushed.

This watch is available in limited quantities. In addition to 557 of the trilogy, 3557 were sold separately. This watch is still very popular because buyers can buy a watch 60 years ago at the current market price. So this is a very affordable deal.

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