Patek Philippe 5930 replica watche

In 1939, the Second World War broke out, and at this time, the Patek Philippe Watch Factory in Switzerland was launching a new world-time replica watches 1415HU. Unlike all previous World Time watches, the 1415HU is not only equipped with World Time features, but also adds timing. The innovative and complex features of “World Time + Timing Function” made the Patek Philippe 1415HU quickly become the leader in the world time watch.
For more than 70 years after 1415HU, neither Patek Philippe nor other brands have ever produced a world time chronograph. Later, under the leadership of the new head, Patek Philippe launched a 5930 World Time Flyback Chronograph at the Basel Watch Fair, re-marriage of world time functions and timing functions.

But when fake watches 5930 officially began to sell, fake watch Patek Philippe found that this watch is in short supply, the market feedback is surprisingly good.
Back to the fake watches, the 5930’s surface is based on blue and white, the blue outer circle is the 24 hour zone city, and the middle circle is the 24-hour day and night display scale. When the inner ring is on the 12-hour scale, the 6 o’clock position is a delicate little seconds. At first glance, you will feel a little flowery, but when you play it over and over again, you will find that the whole face is natural.
The 5930G movement is CH 28-520 HU. The basic movement is the CH 28-520 PS automatic movement. It is also used on the 5905P annual chronograph. This is the chronograph movement of the column guide wheel, vertical clutch, vibration frequency. For 4Hz, Spiromax hairspring. Now it has added the world time module — PP’s own functional modules. The world time module is only 3 mm thick, and the timing basic movement is only 4.9 mm. It is indeed worthy of praise to control the overall watch thickness to within 13 mm.

Movement: Caliber CH 28-520 HU

Self-winding mechanical movement, star wheel timing device, vertical clutch, local time, 24 time zone display, day/night display

Diameter: Total: 33.00 mm

Basic movement: 30.00 mm

Time zone component: 33.00 mm

Thickness: Total: 7.91 mm

Basic movement: 4.9 mm

Time zone component: 3.01 mm

Number of parts: 343

Number of stones: 38

Power reserve: at least 50 hours – up to 55 hours

Eccentric swing: 21K gold central automatic disc, one-way winding

Balance wheel: Gyromax®

Frequency: 28,800 half pendulum per hour (4 Hz)

Balance spring outer plug: adjustable

Function: Double position crown:

– Pull out: set time

– Advance: winding the watch

Display: Pointer:

• Hour and minute hands indicating local time

• Chronograph pointer (direct drive second hand)

• 30 minute cumulative timer


• City disc with 24 city names

• 24-hour scale ring with 昼/night display (different color difference day and night, with sun/moon sign)

Button: The button at 2 o’clock is used to start/stop timing function

Button at 4 o’clock position for timing pointer reset and return

The button at 10 o’clock is used to adjust the time zone (the hour hand advances clockwise one hour, the city disc and the 24-hour scale ring rotate counterclockwise 1/24 turn)

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