RADO Rado Thin Series Star Diamond replica watch

Say goodbye to the spring, the early summer has come quietly. If the spring is a green, full of vitality, then the early summer must be colorful, multicolored, Rado Rado gives you a radiant early summer color.
RADO Swiss replica watches are based on the 1962 Cook Captain’s watch, creating a simple and low-key glamour timepiece that highlights the wearer’s unique style – the new Rado Captain Cook Captain Automatic Mechanical Limited Edition Watch. The name of this watch comes from the 18th-century British explorer, James Cook, who, in the name of Captain Cook, pays tribute to the spirit of exploration and adventure.
The new fake watches retain the characteristics of the original watch with a rotating watch bezel with a diving watch style, a red date display, a unique sword-shaped hand and an arrow-shaped hand, and a variety of modern styles to highlight the brand. Creativity as a “material master”: The rotating bezel is made of high-tech ceramics to enhance the wear resistance of the watch; the sapphire glass mirror provides excellent protection for the dial. The watch is limited to 1,962 pieces, with a wear-resistant leather texture travel bag, with a fine stainless steel Milano mesh bracelet or a durable NATO nylon strap as a spare strap for the wearer to meet different social occasions. Matching needs.
This fake watch is based on the material technology that Rado has been used since 1962 – multi-faceted sapphire glass cutting technology, which makes the watch mirror look like a embossed three-dimensional, like a diamond-like flash, unique The design is reminiscent of Inma Bermúdez’s creative porcelain work. RADO’s unique use of the principle of light absorption and light refraction reflects a fascinating sensation on a case of only about 5 mm thickness.

The Rado True Thinline True Thinline is equipped with 12 diamonds on the outer ring of the diamond watch, complemented by gold details. The diamond element not only adds to the watch’s high-tech ceramic texture. The warm texture also makes the watch even more dazzling
Talking about the cooperation with Inma Bermúdez, RADI Global Radar CEO Matthias Breschan said: “Inma Bermúdez is Rado R&D True Thinline The thin collection injects a unique lightness and agility, and adds a jewel-encrusted design to bring the hardness, depth and durability to this new timepiece masterpiece. For the Rado, a new way In order to interpret the brand’s iconic materials and inject the eternal temperament of diamonds into the design of the watch while retaining the classic design concept, it is indeed a huge challenge.”

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