Centennial Cartier Replica Tank Américaine

Replica Centennial Cartier Tank Américaine

Cartier Tank is the first watch born in the world. The birth of Tank symbolizes the end of the pocket watch era. 2017 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Tank. But so far, I still can’t forget the Replica Centennial Cartier Tank Watch. Let’s review this watch together today.

Centennial Cartier Replica Tank Américaine


Cartier Tank Américaine’s design was inspired by one of the oldest tanks during the war. So this Replica Centennial Cartier Tank uses the same steel as the tank. Because of the use of steel, Tank Américaine is cheaper than other models.


This Replica Cartier Tank Américaine is also available in three sizes. Small (34.8mm x 19mm), medium (41.6mm x 22.6mm), large (45.1mm x 26.6mm). The small Américaine uses a quartz movement, while the medium and large Américaine uses an automatic movement. And the larger the size, the higher the price. Hontwatch is a reputable replica watch website.


Cartier Tank Américaine’s steel is brushed on the side and polished on the front. The combination of brushing and polishing better reflects the design of the tank 100 years ago. The crown also uses sapphire. But Américaine does not use natural sapphires but geometric synthetic gems. This guarantees the price/performance ratio of Américaine.


Centennial Cartier Tank Replica Américaine

The curved back cover has been the hallmark of Tank since 1917. But Américaine is different. The back of the Américaine is flat but prominent. The protruding case back is not only for adapting to curved replica watches but also for the internal movement. Américaine still has a water resistance of 30M.


In addition to the smallest Américaine, the other two sizes of Américaine use automatic movements. We call it the ETA2671 movement. It is a self-winding movement with a diameter of 17.2 mm and contains 25 jewels. And it can store 38 hours of power. Overall, such a simple and reliable movement is very suitable for this replica centennial Cartier Tank Américaine.


The straps on Américaine’s right and left are equally holeless. The strap is a semi-matte dark blue alligator leather. The buckle is a common stainless steel folding buckle with the word “Cartier”. When wearing, just pass the strap through the two parts of the buckle. So Américaine can be adjusted according to the size of your wrist.

Centennial Replica Cartier Tank Américaine

Never thought that there would be such a cheap Tank in the Replica Centennial Cartier Tank Watches. And this Tank has the commemorative significance of the 100th anniversary. So choose it right.

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