Replica watch 116234 One of the best-selling Rolex watches

In 1945, with the beginning of a new era of prosperity, Rolex launched a log series. The first log type has been first equipped with a waterproof function, with a streamlined design and a calendar display on the surface. A few years later, the crystal surface of the replica watch was added with a Cyclops eye display, which has since become a symbol of Rolex’s generation.
Classic in the classics. It has been said that the 蚝-type constant motion is the cornerstone of the replica watch Rolex, 116234 is the classic of the 蚝-type constant motion classic. From the aspects of design and recognition, many people will choose 116234 as the first Rolex in their own life.
Whether it is an eternal aesthetic or an excellent function, the log type is a model of a classic watch. From an aesthetic point of view, different types of log-type watches still retain the original aesthetic elements after years of baptism. And its traditional watch is one of the most famous and recognizable watches in history.

Gold steel
Gold is bright and noble, and it teaches people to be fascinated. Stainless steel stands for sturdiness and reliability. The two blend harmoniously and combine perfectly with other characteristics. Gold Steel is a true and distinctive symbol of Rolex. It was deployed in the replica watch Rolex model in the early 1930s and officially registered its trademark name in 1933. This is also one of the salient features of the Oyster series.

Silver dial
The unique replica watch Rolex dial makes the watch easier to identify and easier to read. The hour markers are made of 18 ct gold that lasts for a long time. Rolex designs and manufactures each Rolex dial in its own factory. Most of the processes are carried out by hand and are perfect.

Oyster strap
The enamel strap is the embodiment of perfect shape, function, aesthetics and technology, exquisite and charming. The fake watch strap is equipped with a shackle buckle and is also equipped with Rolex’s unique easy-to-adjust link extension system. This cleverly designed system allows the strap to stretch approximately 5 mm, giving the wearer a comfortable feel in all situations.

3135 movement
The log-type 36mm model features a 3135 self-winding mechanical movement entirely developed by the Rolex watches. Like all Rolex constant-core cores, the 3135 calibre is also certified by the Swiss Official Accreditation Timepiece, which is awarded to precision watches that have passed the Swiss Precision Timepiece Test Center (COSC). This calibre is constructed in the same way as all sturdy watch movements with unmatched reliability.

Even though there are noble and gorgeous brands such as Vacheron Constantin, Earl, and Patek Philippe, but the Fake watches are still liked by the public of all walks of life. The Warren Buffett is often wearing a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Calendar. Excellent quality, exquisite craftsmanship, combining noble, elegant and unique temperament, the log type is the representative of the taste style with its classic design.

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