Replica Watches: Rolex Datejust VS Omega Globemaster

Rolex and Omega are two Swiss luxury watch brands. Omega history can be told from 1848, and Rolex was born in 1905. The two brands were born half a century apart. Omega has its superb leading technology. So is chosen by many international organizations as a timer. But because of Rolex’s perfect craftsmanship, it is already a leading brand in today’s society. Then read on, this article will compare these two replica watches.


Omega Globemaster

At the end of the 20th century, Omega’s survival became difficult. Knowing that in 2015, the appearance of Globemaster replica watches made us re-see the glory of Omega once.

Replica Watches omega globemaster 8900 movement
Globemaster was born out of the pursuit of time accuracy. “Constellation” and the Medal of Inspiration were inspired by the observatory working together. Globemaster not only has beautiful medals, but also a strong heart like never before. The birth of the 8900 movements is of historical significance. Because it has not only COSC certification but also META. The 8900 movements can store 60 hours of power.
Omega Globemaster has a magnetic resistance of 15,000. In the magnetic field, Globemaster performs better than Rolex Datejust. The dial diameter of the Omega replica watches is 39MM. The dial has a separate hour hand to read the time in the second city. This feature is convenient for people who travel frequently.

Rolex Datejust

Replica Watches Rolex datejust 3135 movement

Ok, now let’s talk about Rolex replica watches. Beginning in 1988, replica Rolex Datejust II began using the 3135 movements. The 3135 movements are certified by COSC and can retain 48 hours of power. The 3135 movements were then replaced by the stronger 3235 movements. Power reserve time is increased by 70 hours and the Parachrom Bleu antimagnetic and shock-resistant hairspring.
Therefore, Omega Globemaster’s power is in the middle of the Rolex Datejust.


Rolex Datejust and Omega Globemaster are not in the same price range. The latest Datejust is £ 6,950, but the Globemaster costs only £ 5,040 (plus bracelets for £ 5,120). Everyone may think that Omega is more reasonable, but don’t forget that Rolex has been researching since 1945. 904L stainless steel bracelet and self-adjusting date, these are the stories of Rolex Datejust.

The emergence of Omega Globemaster has not disappointed fans who have been waiting for it to return. And I have to say that Globemaster reflects Omega’s gorgeous return. Although Rolex has always insisted on making the best of every detail. But during these quiet years at Omega, Rolex has steadily surpassed it. No matter which replica watch you want to buy, you can click here to buy it. 

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