Rolex Green Water Ghosts True and False Identification

Like the Black Water Ghost, the Rolex Green Water Ghost is a classic watch. It can be said that no watch enthusiasts do not know Rolex’s green water ghost. But there are also many fake green water ghosts on the market. So how is the Rolex ghost differentiated?
Look at the packaging

A complete set of genuine watches should include 1 watch, 1 global warranty card (green), 1 watch box, several instructions for use, 1 small green rectangular label (watch and strap model), 1 brown plum A circular observatory certification label and a merchant warranty card must not be counterfeited.

Look at the film

Disposable film: Although a new replica watches will be tried by many people, this film should be placed on the watch. The outer ring of the observation ring will be protected by a plastic protection ring. Observe the two-dimensional code on the left side of a small square, strap, buckle, disposable membrane protection inside and outside the ear. The back of the thick film has a green corner. Once these are once It is difficult to restore the state of the factory by tearing off the film. So if the film is irregular, it may be torn off, if not it may be fake.

Look at comparison

Mirror inspection: find the mirror sticker to look at the mirror carefully, no debris, such as scratches, plucking in Switzerland, dialing calibration, balance of luminous brightness, whether the pointer is straight, 12 o ‘clock small circle position in the crown logo , letter 6 o ‘clock position SN whether to agree with the number of insurance cards, small mirror security at 6 o’clock position.

Look at the head

The real Rolex’s head is round and looks like a smiling mouth, so it’s often called “open mouth smile”, and fake watches Rolex made “shut up” due to technical problems, this contrast is easy Identification.

Look at the details

Careful friends can find that the outer 2 points scale (28 points and 32 points) of the Rolex Green Water Ghost is very short, shorter than the other scales, 29 points and 31 points as long. 29 minutes and 31 minutes are shortened by the trademark, but the real watch is not. The work of the fake Rolex Green Water Ghost is very rough. For example, the gold-plated cover of the watch will be plated in an irregular shape. The size of the diamonds is different, the position is different, the proportion of the calendar frame is not suitable, and so on. There are also fake green water ghosts, and some places can mix and match the appearance of other designs.

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