Rolex submariner replica Date vs. No Date review

best submariner replica by rolex stylishly arranges vintage influences and modernity. The replica submariner bracelet made of polished stainless steel is reminiscent of watch models from past decades, giving the watch from the Rolex submariner replica collection an almost classy look. The magazzu watch is contrasted by the emphatically contemporary housing with a clean dial. A gray hour and minute hand pass their tracks past equally gray and silvery shimmering dash indices, while the second is rendered in a separate scale at six o’clock. Hands and indices stand out only discreetly from the black of the unisex wristwatch so that an exemplary puristic look is created.

She is perhaps the greatest icon of the replica watch world: The fake Rolex Submariner. On a controversial issue, however, divorced for years, the spirits. Which of the versions is the true one, the real Submariner? The model with date or without date? This is by no means a banal question; it is much more about which of the watch lovers’ models is the blueprint for the world of luxury sports watches. The Rolex submariner replica swiss grade 1 is the most imitated and copied wristwatch in the world and has a tremendous status for the industry. Millions of watch fans swear by the Submariner as a rugged everyday watch and diver’s watch with legendary status. As the Rolex manufactory makes careful and careful changes to their models, the question “with or without date” is quite polarizing. Especially with the Rolex brand, there have always been the changes in detail, which triggered the biggest discussions within the initiated customer base.

The Rolex replicas for sale No Date: Elegant and versatile or too subtle?

The replica Submariner ‘No Date’ – an unofficial title, which was awarded the older version – came on the market in the 1950s. With a modest diameter of 40mm, the model is one of the smaller in the Rolex collection – but do not be fooled by the size. The No Date is anything but a small clock, the vertically protruding ribbon webs create the illusion of a slightly larger clock. Other features of this replica watches are the dial, which works almost perfectly symmetrical and with few details.

On the surface high quality Rolex replicas, the only difference seems to be the date display, but it is the accentuation of this feature that diverges opinions. The so-called Cyclops magnifying glass, which sits on the sapphire crystal and enlarges the date display two and a half times. Loved and shunned to the same extent, the date loupe was introduced at the 3 o’clock position in 1966 to make the date display easier to read. An extravagant, technical design solution, which adds a certain something to an otherwise classic-looking watch and makes it incomparable with the competition of the industry with this unique selling proposition. The magnifying glass, although this property is probably only theoretical of content, provides at a depth of 300 meters underwater for a better readability of the date. Most importantly, this innovation has given Rolex replicas swiss made a design niche that has been successful for years. Ultimately, the choice of watch model is a matter of personal preference of the customer.

As expected with siblings, both replica watches share many characteristics. First, there’s the mechanics, each of the two Rolex watches is powered by a highly accurate manufacture caliber. Not to mention the screw-down crown, a feature featuring patented Triplock technology, and the Cerachrom bezel, which still shines for decades on the first day. As the name suggests, the Cyclops magnifying glass will always be the reason for the competition of the two models, just like the mythological figure of the Cyclops. For some a one-eyed monster, for others an impressive mythical creature.

Conclusion: The big decision

As so often, the decision depends on what you appreciate about a watch. If you prefer a simple wristwatch that can be combined with any outfit, the Rolex submariner replica No Date is the right timepiece for you. It is the original version of this watch and definitely the classic choice. The Submariner Date skilfully balances extravagance with elegance – a feature unique to Rolex watches in this form. The flashier sister is therefore better suited for occasions that demand a stronger statement. Even if it can not be perfectly combined with every suit in your wardrobe, it remains a unique watch.

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