Blue Rolex Replica Day-date 118206 36mm-Case

Blue Rolex Replica Daydate 118206 36mm

There is no doubt that Rolex’s Day-date watch is a watch with a classic, elegant style. The function of the Rolex replica watch Daydate is very simple: read the time and display the date. It does not have multiple functions like other Rolex watches. But because of this simple design, this Rolex replica watch embodies perfectly what a replica Rolex classic watch is. Replica Rolex Case The case of a classic Rolex replica watch follows a simple design naturally. Although this 36mm case watch is designed for boys, it is also very suitable for ladies. This perfect replica watch uses a smooth bezel to enhance the beauty of this watch imitation. And the entire case has been polished, so the appearance of this watch looks more attractive. After the lugs of the imitation watch are polished, it is not easy to scratch the skin. Moreover, this fake Rolex watch not only looks more beautiful but also more comfortable to wear. Dial Replica Daydate The dial design of this watch is my favorite dial, especially its blue background dial. The pale blue dial makes this watch look clear. The color of the dial is like the color of a clear sky,

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Rolex replica Datejust 41MM 126334

Rolex Replica Datejust 41MM 126334 Review

In 1945, Rolex launched Datejust. And it is the world’s first self-winding watch with a calendar display on the dial. From a design point of view, different models of Datejust watches still retain the most original date window. And its traditional watch has become one of the most recognizable watches in history. Even more classic than the Sports Rolex Submariner. Today I introduce to you a replica Datejust 41MM watch. Dial Replica Rolex Datejust 126334 has a 41mm stainless steel case. This size is perfect for most men’s wrists. The dial design of Rolex replica Datejust has always been relatively simple. The dials of this series are all three hands plus a three o’clock Cyclops. Every Cyclops can always magnify the date exactly 2,5 times. This replica Rolex watch has a plain white dial. Except for the 12 o’clock crown time scale, the remaining 11 time scales use the same bar scale. Outside the hour markers are minutes displayed every five minutes. Bezel Although replica Rolex Datejust 126334 is made of stainless steel, its grooved bezel is made of white gold. Each groove in the groove bezel is perfectly proportioned. And finding the right angle creates the best reflection. Of

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