Rolex Day-Date 128238 Replica

Replica Green Rolex Day-Date 128238 Watch

Rolex Day-Date appeared in 1956. This series, like its name, has both date and week on the surface. The Day-Date series should be one of the most classic of the many Rolex collections. In this article, we will learn about Replica Green Rolex Day-Date 128238. 18CT Alloy 18CT alloy is made of high purity silver, copper, platinum and palladium in different proportions. Of course, this alloy is also made by replica Rolex itself, only the raw materials are purchased. This is the character of Rolex. Surface The bright green surface enhances the recognition of the replica Rolex Day-Date 128238. It is this way that people can recognize Day-Date 128238 from a bunch of Rolex watches. There are eight-time scales represented by a round diamond surrounded by a square 18ct alloy. The six o’clock and nine o’clock positions are rectangular. Date The date is displayed at three o’clock and a magnifying glass is also configured. The full week of the week is shown at 12 o’clock. Note that each letter of the week is displayed instead of just the first three letters. This is the hallmark of replica green Rolex Day-Date. Movement The Rolex Day-Date 128238 uses a 3255 movement. This

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