The most beautiful Rolex fake watch in 2019

At the Basel Watch Fair in 2019, Rolex launched a new generation of Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36, available in 18K yellow, white or Everose gold, with a unique new dial and gemstone bezel on some versions. There is no doubt that the most fascinating thing this year is the turquoise surface DD 128348RBR.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date features not only its classic design, but also its precious metal. It uses only 18K gold or platinum to create the case. Rolex DD is also known for its weekly show in more than 26 different languages.
The ay-Date fake watches debuted in 1956 and developed into one of the most famous Rolex replica watches, thanks in part to its outstanding wearer. For example, JF Kennedy and other world leaders like this, this watch is informally known as President Rolex. Rolex Day-Date is an influential watch that is popular with individuals and can be seen in many Hollywood movies. Rain Man, Goodfellas and Rocky IV are just some of the movies that Day-Date symbolizes.

The Rolex Week Calendar is impressive due to its legendary design. Not to mention that all Rolex watches are rugged and of high quality, whether used, retro or brand new. Rolex Day-Date is available in a variety of dials and bezel designs for a variety of tastes for men and women.

The Role-Date 40, introduced by Rolex in 2015, is equipped with the new Calibre 3255 for the first time. It has a higher power reserve. When it is high precision, the smaller Day-Date 36 model will get the same processing time just a matter of time. Replica watch Rolex is always very conservative, first try new technology on some edge models, wait for maturity before applying to the main watch; four years later, they came.
In terms of design, the new Day-Date 36 watch retains the iconic Rolex presidential style, from a precious metal structure to a pair of calendar windows on the dial to a semi-circular link on the metal bracelet. This new version of the Day-Date 36 watch, including 18k yellow gold, 18k white gold and 18k Everose gold (Rolex patented rose gold alloy) – is partially equipped with a ring gear and partially with a diamond-set bezel. The 128348RBR, which has a turquoise bezel on the diamond bezel, is the most dazzling star in the entire Basel pavilion!

Turquoise beauty
Turquoise, named after its color and green pine cones, also known as turquoise and emerald. Turquoise does not have the warm and introverted Hetian jade, no amber exquisite and clear, no jade and elegant, perhaps not a precious gem, but because of its shape, soft color, strange and magnificent, and more loved by the world. Turquoise ore has very few large materials, most of which are loosely distributed small blocks. Due to the different mineral elements, the color and texture are quite different. The copper content is mostly blue, and the iron content is mostly green. Blue turquoise is the most rare and precious.
As soon as I saw this blue-faced DD, I always felt like I was reading a touching lyric poem, and I was imaginative, refreshed and memorable. This Rolex 36 DD is the rarest choice of the sky blue turquoise stone dial. It not only has a blue sky, but also a blue sky, but also has a calm, calm and subtle temperament; Turquoise unique label, irregular distribution, different thickness, distributed on the turquoise surface is deep and shallow, artificial imitation, each with its own characteristics – that is, each turquoise surface DD Unique.
Compared to the turquoise DD of the 80s and 90s, the new 128348RBR is more luxuriously decorated. The K-gold Roman numerals are set with fine diamonds and the bezel is also encrusted with round diamonds. Needless to say, Rolex’s Diamonds have always been the highest in the industry.
Compared to the previous 36mm Day-Date watch, the new watch has a more subtle and elegant case contour. Comes with a comfortable head-up bracelet and a hidden little crown clasp.
The new calibre 3255, like the new movements of the Datejust (3235) and GMT-Master II (3285), has tighter adjustments (average -2 / + 2 seconds per day). Rolex seems to be upgrading all of their 31xx movements now. It features a Chronergy escapement, Parachrom blue silk and Paraflex shock absorbers to ensure more accurate timing and is less susceptible to magnetic forces and shocks. In addition, Rolex increased the power reserve of these 32xx movements to 70 hours.

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