VS factory Omega hippocampus series marine universe 600 meters replica watch watch evaluation

The Omega Ocean Universe 600m watch has been awarded the “Certificate for the Coaxial Observatory” and serves as the perfect standard for underwater athletes. It not only witnessed the birth of many underwater sports events, but also conveyed people from the deep sea. The call is a masterpiece in the diving watch. Our Agent 007 is also wearing it to the world, nowhere. Today, we will bring you this VS factory Omega hippocampus series marine universe 600 meters watch.
Recently, the VS factory has launched the Omega Ocean Universe 600m series replica watches. Available in 45.5 mm and 42 mm diameters, steel and rubber straps are available. 1. The new ocean universe 600 meters equipped with VS new 8500 movement. The new Ocean Universe 1:1 movement is no longer a movement splint but is exclusively developed in the market. 2: Movement: 8500 movement double barrel, two-way automatic winding, hourly adjustment calendar (market only version) 3: shock absorber appearance, the first shock absorber with real function. 4: Every screw and gem has a real function. It is no longer the decoration that the market sticks.

Omega Hippocampus 600 Ocean Cosmos series, the original version claims to have a waterproof depth of 600 meters, equipped with 8900 movement, enough to meet the basic wear of everyday. Whether it is from the design or the movement configuration, it is the best.
The Ocean Universe uses a 316 stainless steel case with a ceramic ring. The front looks like the hippocampus 1948. Some of the table friends are often confused. The hippocampus 1948 is a dense bottom. The wavy gears are smooth and smooth, and do not reflect the feeling of picking up hands. The four corners of the front are also polished and polished. The bezel diver’s scale is clearly sized by the liquidmeta. The Arabic numerals 6, 9, and 12 are also matched with the scales to make the watch beautiful.
After the ceramic outer ring has been polished, it has a matte gray texture, and the lettering and scale are very conspicuous.
It is made of sapphire mirror and is coated with double-layer blue film, which is clear and transparent, anti-glare and wear-resistant.
The side of the case is brushed, the straight grain sand is fine and white, the edge part is polished obliquely, and the diameter is 42mm/45mm. The case made of the whole piece of steel is polished to give a brilliant color. The “He” on the drain valve at 10 o’clock is full of three-dimensionality. It is used by divers for underwater operations. The original function can quickly remove the accumulated helium from the case and decompress the watch. This is decorative.
The marine universe uses a screw-in crown, and the top of the crown is engraved with the Omega “OMEGA” logo stereo polishing, which forms a strong visual aesthetic with the brushed metal process of the case.

The Ocean Universe is a translucent design. The movement uses the VS’s exclusive 8500 calibre. The original version of the quick-adjusting hour hand function, the fish scales and the Geneva twill engraving make the entire movement look delicate and delicate. The lettering on the movement is also clear and powerful, and the font on the bottom cover is clearly visible.

Finally, let’s take a look at its buckle, which is also a concern of many watch friends. Stainless steel strap treatment is also in place, whether it is brushed or polished, the buckle is Omega rotating folding buckle, the lettering on the buckle is clear and powerful.
The Ocean Series fake watches have received countless praises since their introduction in 2005. Not only the appearance is tough, but also the Omega 8500 coaxial movement has laid the position of the Ocean Universe series in the diving watch. The overall color of this watch is mainly black, the case and strap are made of stainless steel, and the black bezel is a one-way rotating bezel. The screw-in crown guarantees a strong case and is waterproof to 600 meters. The calendar window is set at three points, and a drain valve is provided at ten o’clock. This watch is equipped with a fake watch Omega 8500 coaxial movement, which can effectively reduce the friction between the gemstone parts and keep the watch accurate and accurate under long-term operation. The watch provides a 60-hour power reserve.

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